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  WCERS provides retirement services for Active, Deferred, Retired Wayne County Employees, Wayne County Airport Authority Employees and Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court Employees.



Address Change

It's important to keep WCERS updated if you change your address, so that you continue to receive the latest news, important updates, and critical information about your retirement benefits (i.e. pension checks, 1099's, etc.).


If you are planning to move or have moved, please update your address information with WCERS. 


Change of Address for Active Members

If you are an active employee working for an WCERS covered employer, please contact the Human Resources specialist or payroll representative within your agency/department as soon as possible.  Your employer will then contact us electronically to update our files with your new address information.  Do not contact WCERS directly.


Change of Address for Retired/Deferred Members

If you are a retired or deferred member, there are three quick and easy ways to inform us of your new address and phone number:


  • Write us a letter with your new address information and send it to


28 West Adams, Suite 1900

Detroit, MI 48226

  • Stop by our office and complete the change of address form