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  WCERS provides retirement services for Active, Deferred, Retired Wayne County Employees, Wayne County Airport Authority Employees and Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court Employees.



Direct Deposit

What makes Direct Deposit so Good?

It's Convenient - Just think! With Direct Deposit, you will no longer stand in line to cash your check, your money goes directly into your account, you will not have to leave your house in bad weather or worry if you're on vacation or away from home. You will receive a monthly statement mailed to your address or sent to you by email. You won't have to pay any check cashing fees to cash your checks. You will have your money available at the opening of business on the scheduled payment day. If you have an interest-bearing account, you’ll begin earning interest on your money immediately.  

It's Reliable - Your money will always be in the account you specify, even if you are out of town or ill. You may have your money deposited into any financial institution throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, whether it's a bank, credit union or financial brokerage firm.  

It's Safe - By signing up for Direct Deposit you are assured that your money will be deposited directly into your financial institution, on time every month. Your money goes directly into the bank in the form of an
electronic transfer, so there is no risk of your check being lost or

It's Easy - Just complete the Retirees Authorization for Electronic Deposit of Retirement Checks Form and submit it today. 

It's Quick - You can receive an application from your financial institution or use the one on the back of this page. Once your application has been received and processed a correspondence will be sent to your mailing address notifying you when your direct deposit will begin. Your benefit will go automatically into your account every month. And you'll have more time to do the things you enjoy! 

It's Free - There's no charge for this service, and some financial institutions even offer incentives like "free checking", etc. if you have your money directly deposited into your account with them. 

***Direct Deposit is now required for all new retirement,
survivor, and disability payments.***

How To Sign Up For Direct Deposit?

If you are currently receiving a check, you can sign up for direct deposit by  downloading the Retirees Direct Deposit Application form, fill it out, and return it to WCERS today!

Receive your Direct Deposit Statements by email

Retirees who wish to receive their monthly direct deposit statements to their email account should complete the authorization form and mail it to our office. All statements are password protected for the security purposes.